Universal Mobile E-Commerce Flutter App

1. Compiler Setup

  • Open project in Android Studio/Xcode
  • Pub get yaml
  •  Open WP WooCommerce 
  • Do change as in Settings and Advance 
  • Copy and integrate it into App Code

2. Change Package Id

  • Open project in Android Studio/Xcode 
  • In Xcode, change package name easily
  • For Android, change Id in Gradle file, Manifest, MainActivity and Folders.
  • Clean project

3. Change Project Name & Icon

For Android:

  • Go to Android drawable folder and replace icons
  • Open Android project and go to manifest and change appname

For IOS:

  • In Xcode, change app name easily
  • To change icon, get icon “AppIcon.appiconset”  folder from any iOS assets software and change accordingly

For App:

  • Go to Wooflux code “/lib/utils/consts.dart” file and change Appname accordingly
  • Go to Wooflux code “/assets/logo.png” and replace logo.png file accordingly

4. Analytics Setup

  • Open project in Android Studio/Xcode 
  • Setup new project in Firebase
  • Enter your company unique Id for both Android /IOS 
  • Get Google file and paste it into project
  • For further help, check Google Analytics

5. Login Setup

  • Register app in Firebase
  • Go to Firebase Console > Project Settings > General and add Support email

For Android:

  • Go to Firebase Console and get google-services.json file
  • Go to Wooflux code “/android/app” and paste google-services.json file
  • Open Android folder in Android Studio , get SHA1 from gradle SigningReport and paste it to Firebase “project/setting/general/android app/SHACertificateFingerprint”

For IOS:

  • Go to Firebase Console and get GoogleService-Info.plist file
  • Go to Xcode project “/ios/Runner” and paste GoogleService-Info.plist file
  • Copy REVERSED_CLIENT_ID from GoogleService-Info.plist and paste it into info.plist
  • Change unique package name in info.plist

Update Apple Login:

  • Go to Wooflux code “/lib/screens/loginWidget.dart” file then in appleSignIn method change clientId with your app unique id

Update Facebook Login :

6. Payment Setup


Follow instruction and change  PAYPAL_SERVER  & PAYPAL_AUTH_USER     &PAYPAL_AUTH_PASS in flutter project directoryWooCommerceProject->/lib/utils/consts.dart



Follow instruction and change  TAP_SERVER & TAP_KEY in flutter project directory  


7. Others Setup

  • After setup project open iOS project in Xcode and install pos lib as “https://cocoapods.org/
  • Make sure your currency inside app and on Braintree developer console must be same as per your woocommerce store .
  • On code currency change open flutter folder project in android studio go to PaymentBraintree.dart class and change “currencyCode” variable
  • On Braintree currency change go to developer console and change currency as your woo commerce currency

8. Get it on GooglePlay

9. Get it on AppStore

10. Note

If you don’t want to spend time in integration and save time you can also contact us and we serve as freelancer to integrate your project in short time with everything working .

Extra Docs Help

For help getting started with Flutter, view online documentation(https://flutter.dev/docs) which offers tutorials,samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.